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Operating across multiple disciplines including Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Training.


This website services as the front-end of a GitHub pages account and associated set of projects. Think Digital will also lead the deveopment of a series of projects in software development, both web-based and desktop through this GitHub pages portal.

This includes areas of interest.

See how these emerging new tecthnologies can leverage the automation of your organisation and build an inspirational user experiences.

There are also other related areas of interest undertaken by Think Digital. This includes both usability and search engine optimisation primary research.

On offer are primary research samples in the areas of Usability, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) to assist with consultation:


Think Digital offers a range of training services.
Drawing on over 13 year industry experience and faculty level lecturer experience at HE level, Think Digital offers seminar style mentoring sessions including learning WordPress in 24 hours, Front-End Fundamentals in less than a week, to more complex tutorial assistance. This is all overseen by Masters qualified professional instructors.

The lead developer at Think Digital is lead by an author and expereinced educator. We can offer tutoring in areas such as Coding, Cyber Security and Project Managment.

See the following pages for more information:

Training Services

See the following links for further information on each subject area:

Web Development

Working with people from broad backgrounds over many years of trading means having a seasoned understanding of the needs of the client.

We believe you demand an elegant, feature rich user experiences to grow and strengthen your brand, and convert traffic into lasting partnerships while preserving your professional credo.

This is remit of our services. Its something which we have built up a great deal of expertise in along with a variety of specialisms such as e-commerce, complex interactivity projects, and projects within highly regulated or technically complex industries.

See our specialisms page to see how we have built up a level of expertise which would be difficult to find elsewhere


Think Digital draws on over 13 year industry experience to specilise in large scale web development. These developments lend themselves best to projects where SEO is a priority. Think Digital offers a range of training services.

The nature of organic search requires effective strategy to overcome challenges and leverage opportunity. Search consultanty involves competition analysis and provable approaches in an ever changing environment.

Keeping abreast of industry updates and implementing innovative strategies in reaching your goals is something that requires proceedural excellence if you wish to succeed and is something in which we can considerable experience.