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Software Consultancy

We can advise on the best platforms and integration methods between various software delivery solutions due to our extensive experience in new media and software development. We are constantly making decions about what tools to use and we can transfer this to consultancy services especially when concerning network installations.

Capabilities from 2015

We have expert knowledge of Flash Motion Graphics Software - It is the typical software used by almost all website designers in the creation of modern animated and bespoke websites.

We are not aware of any rival animation website design software of the kind available, it is as synonymous with bespoke and animated websites as Photoshop is with image doctoring and manipulation. As Photoshop is responsible for the industry standard JPEG format for image files, Flash is for the FLA and SWF formats. Both programs are now own by the same company, Adobe.

Before Flash the only form of animation on the web was in GIF files and PNG. GIF makes for a simple 2 or 3 frame animation of lower resolution that images, PNG gives better resolution but high memory usage than even Flash.

Fireworks is the software responsible for the PNG format and is also manufactured by Adobe. We therefore have similar experience of it as it is included in Flash software packages. Only we may have neglected having as highly an involved knowledge of this as we do Flash since more can be done in Flash.

Maya is a highly involved animation software that has to be embedded in other software for web compression. It is used in many motion picture films. It can also make 3D games.

Dreamweaver is the industry standard for HTML production, Our knowledge of this is advanced. It can also be used for XML and DHTML. Our Knowledge of XML is extensive, knowing of it's dynamic applications and were it's place among more powerful scripts such as Java, which it's self often too complicated for sound indexing. Our knowledge of DHTML is also of a high calibre.

Break Down

Flash MX, 2004 and 8 - Expert

Firework MX and 8 - Expert

Photoshop 7-9 and C/S - Expert

Dreamweaver and Coding HTML - Expert

XML - Advanced

DHTML - Advanced

Maya - Extensive

Ecommerce or PHP Editors - Expert

RSS Feeds - Extensive

Web logs - Expert

Back end Design - Expert

Basically we can do it all...... We can make you your own online social network or community for profit or to attach to your established business.

We have a range of ready made install-and-go website packages available through our partner site and including real estate websites packages ready to go, auction websites with CMA, classified directories, communities for dating, poker and much more.


Hosting, Servers and the Cloud. What's the difference? It can be a minefield understanding this technology and purchasing the wrong specification of service can render anything you do with that service, pretty much useless. For instance, Magento Ecommerce requires very decent hosting just to run at a speed capable or serving a normal level or custom.

Let us work with you to find the right solution.

With our hosting packages, training and support can often be offered at no extra charge to you but only a small surcharge of around 15% on top of normal hosting prices. We believe this is fair, as many consumer buy the wrong package and never get a refund. That's not the case with us, we conduct due diligence to ensure the server matches the client. To have an answer the first question, get in touch.

We can also advise on the use of Windows Servers and Azure as a partner, for matters such as handling complex code streaming seamlessly.