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Our firm has numerous interest in making ourselves a place online as well as other firms. They include developed concepts and pipeline projects such as:

1. Think Healthy

2. Think Tech

3. Pipe-line projects

Think tech was formerly Microcosm and traded online until further expansion commitments presented themselves. The term think is trading brand that unified the group where legal status does not permit to allow for consumer recognition and loyalty. Let's explore each now:

Think Healthy

Primarily a vitality, vitamins and supplement showcase. Drop shipping will be key in early positions. This is something our Senior Partner has a keen interest in and believes an all round positive thing for society.

Think Tech

Think tech selling online technical products like mobile phone accessories and wires but primarily SD cards. This began life as the eBay store, MicroCosm.

Pipeline projects

We have ideas surrounding the Think brand where e-commerce and market opening present themselves.


If you're interested in any of these brand or help forming your own, remember telephone consultancy shorter than 1 hour is not usually billed unless stated.

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