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Internal Projects

Some of the work we do involves the building of internal projects. This includes software and web apps that have a utility or function in a resale capacity or as technology which can serve as a web-based business of web property in themselves.

A list of projects currently under various stages of development can be found on our GitHub pages. Some of this work still needs work and we are looking to work with other developers in order to get the software working its best.

If you fit the bill then take a look at our page and then get in touch.

What is more, you may be a company or individual who would like to work with us on some upcoming or concept stage project of your own, we may in that case have most of the software work done and bring a lot of experience if you need a consultant.

These products can also be purchased outright in the form of a Web Property. For a list of our current Web Properties then please dont hesitate to take a look and get in touch if you are interested as we can often make you a reasonable offer.